Friday, May 18, 2007

A place to hang my helmet...

I finally closed on my first house today. I must admit this process has been quite a journey with several ups and downs. This is my first home, I am a bit freaked out by the responsibility, but I guess everyone has to grow up sometime.

This is me signing my life away. I signed my name 57 times, I made Angela keep a tally.

You all best believe I will be having a house-warming bash as soon as I get settled. My move-in date will not be until sometime in late June...stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Testing after Benders

This past weekend did not heed a ton of miles or hours on the bike. I was somehow talked into after-work drinks on Friday…this produced no miles, just 32oz. arm curls.

Saturday morning I arose and got out for 3 hours on the MTB before 11:00. However, the rest of the day held a wedding rehearsal…a bachelor party…and the rest was a blur.

The bachelor himself in all his glory...Matt Armstrong

Because I was scheduled to get my V02 tested on Monday, it was recommended that I do not exercise vigorously for 48 hours, so Sunday was dedicated to nothing but the moms.

Monday I got my V02 tested in the lab at the Michigan Institute of Human Performance, along with Luke Cavender. My test results seemed skewed. They were showing that I had too much anaerobic base and not enough aerobic (which is quite the opposite). I left the lab with a dissatisfied result. However, on Tuesday I received an email from the technician that he had the settings improperly set for my test and that we had to re-test asap.

Today, I went back in and achieved a much more satisfactory score. The goal of all this is to test in the lab, then a 10k TT at the track, then analyze the data. Between the suggestions of the technician and Ray Dybowski, they will collaboratively set up a 6 week training program for me to increase my scores. The ultimate goal is to increase my top end speed (anaerobic threshold). I must admit, the science of it all is fascinating…I can see how many professional cyclists can become obsessed with numbers. Hopefully this will all end up with a result of me getting to the line quicker than before.