Thursday, July 31, 2008

Planting Seeds

Cost of riding the MTB trails at Stony Creek: $0
Using Angela’s pink bike instead of a rental: $0
Watching the Wednesday night races at the Velodrome: $0
Cortisone cream after getting stung by a bee in the trails: $3.99

Watching my 9 year old nephew’s face as he rode his first single track, watched his first track race, and was exposed the world sport of cycling: priceless

Recently the eldest of my 4 nephews has been asking me a lot of questions about my bike, racing, training, etc. Over the 4th of July this year I told him that before the summer was over I would take him out.

Yesterday we headed out to Stony for a lap in the MTB trails and to watch the races at the track afterward. I couldn’t help but feel immense vicarious satisfaction as I watched him ride the trails for the first time. For me, it is a mundane act done so many times in the same place that it almost feels more like a hamster wheel. However, it’s amazing to watch the reaction of someone when you are exposing them to an entirely new world that they didn’t know existed prior to this experience.

In a day when many kids would rather manipulate buttons to make digitally created characters ride bikes, snowboard, play basketball, etc., it was refreshing to see true enthusiasm in something more simple and organic. Evan didn’t even seem to mind that he had to ride a “girls” pink bike…he was just thankful for the opportunity.

For me cycling has become my form of recreation, my exercise, my mental therapy, my passion, my catalyst for competition, a way to elevate myself both mentally and physically, it has given me perspective on life and has allowed me to see true value in experience. On top of that, it has become a spiritual experience for me as well. However, I don’t think this is for everyone; it has simply fit well into my personality. If Evan chooses to continue an interest in cycling than that is great, if he doesn’t that is fine too. I simply felt it was a good opportunity for me to plant a seed; perhaps it will grow, perhaps not. Everyone can trace back to people in their lives who have planted seeds, I have many. For those who you can accredit this to, their worth is invaluable.