Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A resurrection of the “Who cares I’m Flying Award”

Every once in awhile a racer snags a well-deserved “W” that warms your heart. Usually it comes from a racer that has been persistent in his endeavors and has persevered with his goals despite whether or not his efforts had led to instant gratification. Scotty Fab has been honing his craft for several years now. He’s dedicated himself to his team and his personal progression. This past weekend that dedication paid off as Scotty rolled across the line first at the Mad Anthony Cross race.

I can speak on behalf of the entire WSC when I say that this win was well deserved and that we are all proud of Scott.

So let’s all raise our mild manners to Mr. Fabijanski…you are the newest recipient of the “Who Cares, I’m Flying” Award and also one of my favorite racers to see win.