Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Turning Back...

Until roughly five minutes ago my dreams and aspirations of running a virgin marathon could of easily been dismissed had someone presented a good enough argument. However, there is no turning back now…I just registered for my first marathon. Coincidently, I STILL DO NOT regard myself as a runner! I am simply a man with a dream and some drive to run for a stupid amount of time. I could never go to the grave without saying I conquered the 26.2.

I am a bit dismayed that the race is not finishing at Ford Field this year.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finkelstein’s Back to School Essentials: Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals-Lifeline

Ben Harper and his crew of Innocent Criminals did it again yesterday with the release of their very much long awaited album: Lifeline. The album truly promotes an organic feel by committing to all tracks being recorded on a 16-track analog tape machine and without the use of computers or digital manipulation whatsoever. I guess if it was good enough for the little band from Liverpool than it is good enough for Ben. Furthermore, the album was recorded in Paris in an elegantly humble studio after a 9 month touring binge for the band.

Lifeline follows suit with any of Ben’s past musical endeavors by seamlessly fusing mixed genres such as blues, folk, blue grass, jazz, rock and roll, and funk. It never ceases to amaze me that a man who has released so many albums, written such a wealth of music, and tours for 300+ days out of the year can still deliver such sincere gut clinching emotion every single time he steps in front of a mic or straps on a guitar. In an age of disposable music and albums that contain a few good tracks and a bunch of fluffer, Lifeline truly furnishes a “whole” album that provides the listener with an eclectic range while still tying everything together to create a solid album from the first track to the end.

This album offers a deluxe set, which also comes with a detailed photo journal documenting the recording process as well as a DVD featuring a live performance.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to the Grind: The Art of Work Avoidance

Today I voluntarily went back to work to try and make some feeble attempts at some early year preparations. Although not under contract obligation, I thought it would be a nice idea. Overall, I would say the day was quite a success…below is the timeline of my progress.

7:00 Wake up, drink some coffee and struggle to determine a reason I should go into work when I don’t have to.

9:00 Finally get to work…make rounds and see how everyone’s summer went.

9:15-10:00 Comb the building trying to find my classroom stereo so I can listen to my iPod.

10:00-10:15 Space out and stare at the ceiling contemplating absolutely nothing

10:15-10:17 Unpack 1 box

10:17-10:20 Tired from unpacking the box, run around the building to find someone to chi chat with

10:21-11:35 Chit Chat with a fellow female faculty member about summertime revelries and exchange wild stories.

11:35-1:35 Go to lunch at Red Robin…fully capitalize on the complimentary endless baskets of freedom fries.

1:35-2:00 Get back to room only to research remote light dimmers for the Stein Theatre and to write this blog.

2:00 Go home tired and exhausted from a trying day at work.

I’d say in the entire day I really only did 2 minutes of good solid work. It's been a long summer, it's crucial to ease back into the swing of things!