Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Dybo Memoirs

If you roll up to virtually any cycling venue in the United States and mention the name Ray Dybowski, there is almost always a good chance that someone will comment, “Yeah, I know that guy, man have I got some stories about him”. After 25+ years of Wolverine racing, Ray has justifiably earned the name “The Godfather of Michigan Cycling”. It is pretty difficult to find another individual with as much credentials, sincerity, knowledge, loyalty, and passion for the sport than Raymond. He is one of those guys that not only bring out the best in racers, but also in people’s everyday traits. As a teammate of mine he has been a teacher to me as well as a great friend and source of motivation.

After several years of road tripping to races and training camps with Ray I have developed quite a mental Rolodex of stories he has told. I guess when you have as many notches in your experience belt as Ray, you have a lot to say and share. The greatest component of Ray’s stories in their similarity to fine wine, they get better with time and the more exposure to them the better you feel. Recently, I was riding with Ray and I proposed the idea to compile his stories together in book format titled “The Dybo Memoirs: Tales from one of Michigan’s finest” as retold by the Finkelstein. In an effort to take the first step in this endeavor I have decided to dedicate a post a week to retelling the rich and compelling stories of The Godfather.

These memoirs will be broken down into themes. The first edition of these inspirational tales will focus on the theme of food. As a warning, all stories are true and based on actual events. However, as time passes and the frequency of the retellings increase so does the exaggeration and grandeur of them.

Stay tuned for the first Vol. 1 Ed.1 of the Dybo Memoirs…guaranteed to warm and inspire the hearts of those who share a passion for cycling and racing.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Dolpinator vs. Finkelstein 2008

The Dolpinator aka G.P.S. aka Mr. Duuulop…aka FUPA hunter extraordinaire has been my W.R.C.S. nemesis for several years now after always finishing behind him by minuscule points. Last year I lost to him by a mere 6 points after committing a tactful error and riding a geared bike rather than an SS one of the weekend rides.

After a full season of training and racing in preparation for a good finish in the W.R.C.S., I decided to make my main objective to humiliate the arrogant German by total point domination. So far, it seems I have a healthy lead on him. In a few weeks I am heading to Austin, TX for an early season training camp. However, I believe that my early established lead will ride out the rest of the season and I can finally say, “I beat the German”. I am quite confident that when this happens he will be crying himself to sleep while listening to his favorite album: The Best of Hassseholf’s Slow Jams.

Despite our rivalry, difference in musical preference, and desired female proportions we have recently conceived a plan and teamed together for an ultra super secret spring training goal. However, until two weeks before the implementation of this monumental plan there will be a media embargo that prohibits us to discuss it with the general public. Keep an ear and eye open for the details to follow.